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“GLIDE is an employee owned company that represents all the shareholder members who work in
its partner companies, Gripple, PMS Diecasting, Loadhog, Go Tools and Laser Scanning.”

GLIDE has been established to preserve
and develop employee culture.

To look after the interests of its members and to generate
engagement by everyone in their company.

It’s great to feel that everyone is an owner of their business!

The GLIDE definition embodies the main attributes of
the people who work in our company.

Any shareholder in any investee company is automatically a
member of GLIDE. Irrespective of how many shares a member
has, it is one member, one vote, on GLIDE matters.

As shareholders, each one of us has a vested interest in
contributing to the process of driving through growth and
promoting innovation in all areas of the business.

Everyone has the right to express their opinions in a responsible and constructive manner.
Likewise, we all have a duty to listen, to explore the validity of those opinions.